LinkedIn Vs Facebook (Hilarious!!)

1) LinkedIn – You come here for improving your professional life but end up in making meaningful friends.

Facebook- You come here for making new friends but ultimately end up scrolling your old friends’ personal life.

2) LinkedIn- You hunt for people who have made their mark in your field and end up getting inspired and value added.

Facebook – You hunt for your crushes and school mates and end up liking/commenting on their kids photographs and achievements.

3) LinkedIn- The sponsors here are job openings who can turn your life around.

Facebook – The sponsors here are the companies related to the stuff you goggled last!

4) LinkedIn- Posts are the result of your brainstorming and hard work!

Facebook- Posts are your heart outs (Dil ki baat) on the most trending issue.

5) LinkedIn – You earn your likes and comments.

Facebook- Likes and comments are flooded from your loved ones and social acquaintances.

6) LinkedIn- You try to make an identity of yourself.

Facebook- Here “you are what you are”!

7) LinkedIn- Here you get inspiration and motivation (obviously job too if you are lucky!!)

Facebook- Here you get love and care as well as anger and grief.

8) LinkedIn – Strangers are hopes!

Facebook- Strangers are threats!!

9) LinkedIn- Not at all for dating.

Facebook- Plays an important role in dating. 😛

10) LinkedIn is a necessity (to survive in this competitive world)

Facebook is your comfort zone. (You come here to relax!)

Being a new LinkedIn user and an old Facebook user, I made an attempt to compare both the social media platforms in an interesting way! Did I succeed? 🙂

‘Life of an Indian student in 90s’

She played excellent cricket when she was a kid…

but career in Cricket was not for females then…

She got inspired to become a doctor..

but Physics ditched her then..

She chose Agriculture because it chose her…

but could not love it till the end..

Then she was told to be practical and marry MBA…

but neither finance nor marketing fulfilled her emotional need…

She went for stability and finally settled with bank…

but the routine job could not quench her thirst for creativity.

Now half of her life was spent in making a career and she was left only with degrees manifold…


she decided to listen to her heart

so she shunned her burden of background and experience….

to follow her passion which was on the top of her chart..

She became a writer and a motivational speaker..

inspiring young minds with her wisdom and writing…

and this was the place where she was meant to be…..

with solace in her mind and happiness in her soul…….

To all the students out there, follow your heart and save your time

for life we get only once and youth is sublime!!


World Environment Day 2020

5th of June , yes this is the day we celebrate as World Environment Day every year. But I am sure never ever had this day held so much importance  as this year 2020. Yes , I am talking about the year of Corona , the year of cyclones, the year of exceptional locust attack, the year of multiple tremors, the year of increasing Amazon fire and nonetheless  the year of human lockdown. All these crisis have made us or rather forced us to “stop taking nature for granted”.

Somebody has rightly said “dont take those for granted who care for you selflessly else be ready to face the music”.

Just as we owe to our family, we owe to our job, we owe to our business, we owe to the society, similarly we also owe to mother nature.

God created human beings and differentiated him from other creatures by giving him the thinking power. Yes he created man to look  after HIS other beautiful creations with his intellect and social behavior.
And Alas what we did!!

He exploited the flora and fauna of earth to the maximum to make our life easy, to make our lifestyle rich, basically to make our life lavish!

Each and every life on this earth is a part of our ecosystem, an intetconnected system where every biotic and abiotic components are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. If we tend to disrupt it by over exploitation of resources and creatures, it will create an imbalance causing all kinds of environmental  disturbances in the form of rare virus, locust menance, climate change and earth tremors.

I dont intend to write more emphasising on how important environment is for us as we all have learnt a lot after burning our fingers but I definitely take this day, 5th June 2020 to ask the human race to take a pledge to care for our forest, to care for our wildlife, to care for our natural heritage, to care for our rivers, oceans and natural resources  and  thus to cajole our mother earth to forgive us for all our sins and love us once again…

With this vow, I wish you all a Happy World Environment Day!!


My love is eternal.

You believe it or not..

its no more physical or mental or spiritual….

its pure and pious just as a new born baby..

its clean and transparent just as the first drop of rain….

its free from any bias or envy…

its free from any demand or expectation….

its pure love…only love….

which can neither be seen nor heard…

which can neither be touched nor smelt…

which can only be felt…………

when my heart beats!!

(This short prose is dedicated to everyone who has been in romantic love at somepoint in his/her life!!)

Rise like a phoenix

Everyone in this world has both good phase and tough phase in their lives. We cherish the happy phase when everything goes smoothly but most of us break down during bad phase of our lives.
We should always remember that challenges are meant to test us. Just as we give exams in our career, similarly life tests us at different stage.

It is up to us to make our challenges into opportunity or breakdown.

There are many people we meet in day to day life. From ambitious women turning into entreprenuer quitting their job while becoming stay at home mother, to a young rich techie restarting his life after a failed marriage, to a kind and gentle lady happily opting for adoption after failed pregnancies, to an accclaimed artist who had failed in academics during his student days, all have one thing in common- All have risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

Yes, tough times can make us or break us. It is our choice to select what we want.

My appeal to everyone around there is that dont succumb to the exams which life is taking, instead face them with all your might and I promise that you will either win or learn!

Remember, life ends only when WE allow it to end!!

With lots of positive vibes & hugs


Love yourself

Easier said than done. We all love ourselves. We all fear death.

Is that enough?

No. Its not. Loving ourselves means doing justice to our existence in this world bestowed upon us by the Almighty.

When do you fall in love with someone?

When we like some qualities about the other person and his/her qualities surpasses his/her dents.

Similarly in order to love ourself, we need to be first aware of our strengths and weaknesses. And then most importantly accept the way we are.

Being aware of ourselves means winning half the battle. Yes. Because it is then one is ready to face the world and bring positive change thus justifying his/her existence.

The battle of life can be won with the sword of confidence. And confidence comes when…we love ourselves.

So friends, be your own fan!

Love your uniqueness!



Spreading good!

Lets start this one with a small experience which all of us had. How do you feel when somebody wishes you “Good morning” on a blue monday morning?
“Nice” right?

A drop of water in a desert types sometimes!

A smile on your face and a sense of self worth!

“I am not a robot” confirmed!!😉

Now again going by the rule of empathy….if YOU ask the well being of someone on a dull day, or help someone in finishing his/her task which he/she is preoccupied with for long will similarly uplift his/her mood as well and also cause happiness and positivity around!

As somebody has rightly said “Do good to others, it will come back in unexpected ways”. With this I urge the people of this world to spread so much kindness around, so much happiness around such that goodness overflows everywhere!!

With lots of positive vibes,


Appreciate life!!

Yes, I repeat the title….😊 to make you read twice!!

Remember when you first tasted chilly when you were a kid!

How did it taste?? Bitter right!

And then you bumped into it now and then,sometimes accidently in the dishes prepared by someone else, sometimes knowingly in your mother’s cuisines….and slowly, slowly intentionally when you cook your own food!!!

Man you started actually loving the chillies!! and the slightly bitter taste..

Life is no less similar than the taste of chilly!

At first, you hate the unpredictability…slowly you get accustomed to the routine………..but…….

there are very few who start liking life as it moves on! We start complaining about life..we start expecting a lot from others…we want the world to behave the way we want……….this way we start spreading negativity around us.

Through this site I want everyone who reads it start appreciating life as it goes on!

Now the question is Why and how to appreciate life?

When you appreciate the surroundings around you, the environment you are in, when you start loving the good in every person, when you start thanking God for all the things He has given you…slowly and slowly you forget the bitterness and start loving the taste!

You start relishing the different tastes of life!!

You start appreciating the Creator!

You start to develop the feeling of empathy towards other person and it is then you start appreciating life!

Appreciating life will make you fall in love with life again and again..

And Loving life means being happy….

and being happy means killing all your sorrows and distress!

Hope you got it!

Smile often and spread happiness!😊

Lovingly yours,